Pest Prevention in Florida

Spring showers may bring May flowers, but for those of us who live in Florida, it also means that mosquitoes come out in full force. This is because mosquitoes are no longer hiding from the cold and fresh water gives them more places to breed. More breeding means more growing and even after you have killed off the parent mosquito; their larvae will be ready to bite in a moment’s notice. If you are tired of the itching whelps, now is the time to start practicing pest prevention in Florida.

Why Prevention Should Start with Showers

When the rains come, it means spring is on the way. This is wonderful news because it also means outdoor picnics and pool parties, trips to the beach, camping out in the woods, and so much more. However, since most everyone neglects their lawn during the winter; it also means that dead leaves may be piled up and old tires may be holding water. Buckets and flower planters, lumber piles, and any number of other things could hold an abundance of water as well. Any of these places can become a mosquito’s summer home. If you want to ensure mosquitoes do not attack you in the great outdoors; you will have to take away their vacation spot and force them to vacate the property.

Take Spring Cleaning Outdoors This Year

There are some people who spend the first days of spring cleaning up and airing out their home. This is a great thing because it frees the home of dust and allergens. It makes it look great and in many ways, prepares your home for all the summer fun that you will be having soon. This year though, we suggest that you take the cleaning outside as well. This means eliminating areas that mosquitoes will enjoy hiding. Eliminate all areas where water may be standing. This also means getting rid of leaves that may have been neglected, trim back shrubbery so that you have to get to the thick underbrush, and more. After you have cleaned up everything; you will have to keep working at it to ensure that mosquitoes stay away.

Practice Upkeep on Your Lawn

As summer progresses, you will still have summer showers. For that reason, you will have to regularly go through and make sure you do not have areas of standing water. If you have a pond or a ditch in the area that always has water and you are unable to get rid of it; you may want to purchase tablets like the ones on Proven Pest Prevention to get rid of the mosquito larvae before they hatch. If your home is surrounded by a forest; you may want to consider getting mosquito traps and setting them up nearby. None of this is easy, but it is going to be a battle between you and mosquitoes for the entire summer and in Florida; warm weather is something that lasts for quite a while. The more you do now, during the spring, the more you will be able to enjoy your time outside this summer.

Local Businesses, Our Biggest Supporters

Many people do not consider the impact that they can have on their community if they take advantage of small businesses. Most people choose to shop online retailers or big business. However, all businesses matter firsthand as a part of a local youth club and I am here to tell you that local businesses are our biggest supporters.

Why Choose Local Businesses?

Think about the small businesses in your area. Most all of them want to have a positive impact on the community, but they need customers to ensure that they can survive in a world that is based on bigger businesses. Their survival means that they can put back into the community. They do it by donating to charities and showing support for local teams or groups. The small businesses within your area may donate to your child’s baseball team or take part in keeping that area of your community cleaner. They also support the local youth clubs by becoming a sponsor and donating to them on a regular basis.

Why Youth Clubs Need Support

In your area, there are probably a few youth clubs available. They are places for your kids to go and hang out with others in their age group. It is a safe place where they can learn and grow. Some clubs may focus on doing good for the community and teaching children about their responsibility to the community. Some of them may provide teens with a safe place to talk about their frustrations with school and peer pressure. They teach kids the importance of staying active rather than sitting at home on their computers, cell phones, and tablets. All of these clubs would cease to exist without the support of those in the community because most of them do not have the ability to draw donations on a statewide or worldwide level. A big thanks to AC Repair Naples FL as one of our top supporters!

Show Your Support to Small Businesses

Your kids and the children in your community deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis. Parks are not always safe places for them to go. We strive to encourage our kids to stay off the streets, avoid drugs, and become good people. Youth clubs are a great way to encourage our kids to become the people that we want for them to be, but without money; they cannot exist. Without money, clubs will close down and children will not have a safe space. Without the safe space that clubs provide; kids will not have counselors when they need it and the ability to learn more about being positive in all aspects of their life. Your kids may not have the ability to enjoy having a devoted space that both you and them can feel safe in. They will not have access to swimming lessons or any of the other things that these clubs can teach. If all it takes is you visiting local stores and restaurants to keep the clubs alive for your kids, isn’t it worth it?

Volunteering Opportunities in Naples Florida

Naples, Florida is a popular destination for many tourists and most of them admit that they would love to make the move and live in that area of Florida. What makes it so special? There are numerous reasons that the people who visit, would rather never leave. It is a special combination of high end shopping experiences, fine dining, and many cultures. It is also a place where neighbors watch out for each other and this is proven by the many volunteering opportunities (as seen on our site) in Naples, Florida. Are you ready to explore more reasons why so many love it?

Explore Florida’s Paradise Coast

paradisecoastWhether you love shopping, nature, night life, or beaches; you will find a special place in Naples for you to explore. There are many art galleries and shops in the downtown area. There are dining experiences along the coast and friendly people everywhere you go. It is a place that is fairly warm all year long and people take pleasure in experiencing all that it has to offer whether you want to explore museums or take a jet ski tour. There are relaxing spas and parks to visit. Even though it is known as a playground for people with money to play, it is also affordable for others and a lot of the attractions are free.

In this area, there is always something to enjoy doing. There are enough options for you to enjoy without breaking your bank or missing out on quality family fun. However, if you do end up running out of entertainment, Tampa is not too far away and that will open up a variety of other entertainment opportunities for your whole family. It is all made possible by the people who call Naples home and the volunteers who take an active role in ensuring that every neighbor has what they need the most.

Why Everyone Loves Living in Naples

One of the best things about living in Naples is the many opportunities you have to improve the life of everyone around you. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities in Naples, Florida. You can take part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to help children who are under 18 become all that they can be or you can volunteer your time at the botanical gardens. You can help people who live in poverty upgrade their homes with volunteer work through programs like Habitat for Humanity. There are volunteer opportunities at zoos and so much more. When you live in Naples, Bonita Springs, and all other surrounding areas of south Florida, you are a part of a community. You are a part of something great. There are people who come from the east coast of Florida to help the elderly live more comfortable lives. Are you ready to take part in all of the opportunities you have available in Naples? If you spend just a little bit of your time here, you will never again question how it could possibly be paradise on Earth.


Florida Home Improvements

Naples and Ft. Meyers, along with other areas of Martin County Florida, like to keep their neighborhoods looking nice. Many like for their homes to be neat and their lawns to be maintained. They are constantly working to improve the looks of their property by upgrading all aspects of it. This does mean that there are always Florida home improvements going on around south Florida and everyone is benefiting from them in more ways than you may expect.

The Home Improvements

Those who are not able to own a large home may add on so that they can have more visitors. If they aren’t adding on, they like to upgrade their homes to make it better. Those who are happy with their lawn and their home may turn to upgrading their appliances and their air conditioning units. Since many residents are elderly people who move to Florida to retire, the whole theme is comfort and relaxation.doityourself

That is why one of the most popular upgrades for south Florida homes is the UV lights that people can have installed on their AC unit. It improves air quality by ensuring that mold and other issues do not form inside of their air conditioners, which is especially important for senior citizens that are more susceptible to asthma and allergens that may make it difficult to breathe. The reason it is such a big issue is in south Florida an air conditioner will run on a daily basis for 10 months or more each year. This means homes are closed and you only breathe the air that comes through your vents. A UV light cuts down on how often you must clean the unit to ensure that you are breathing pure air that does not contain any bacteria. Without the UV light, many homeowners would have to have their AC cleaned more than the once a year time frame. It is the price that people pay for wanting to live in a “beachy” area all year long.

Volunteers Make It Easier to Improve Naples

Habitat For HumanitySince there is such a demand for home improvements in Naples and the surrounding areas, there are a lot of volunteers around who make it more affordable and make it possible to get the job done faster. There are often people who leave their homes on the east coast of Florida to go west as volunteers. They do a lot of Habitat for Humanity type projects to try and improve the quality of life for senior citizens and young families who may struggle. The primary goal is to ensure that people have a comfortable home in the area and that every part of south Florida remains beautiful. It also ensures that people young and old can have the home that they have always hoped to have for themselves and their family. What more could you hope for if you are also hoping to build your life in Ft. Meyers, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs or anywhere else in the southeastern part of Florida.